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Children's Sunday School

"Children In Action" (CIA) Class-
A Review of the Past Few Weeks


Here are some of the things our children's Sunday School classes have been doing lately.  Please feel free to bring your kids to come join in the fun!  We'd love to have them with us!

Paint a rock?  Leave a rock.  Need a rock?  Take a rock!
Come see our new Kindness Rock Garden!

Here are some examples of the beauties you will find in our new rock garden.  Our "CIA" students painted these to be an inspiration to others.  If you are going through a trial and could use some encouragement, come and pick a rock to take with you, or simply take one to brighten someone else's day!

What we're studying...

After our class finished our study of the Ten Commandments, we started the study of Genesis. 


The Creation of Heaven and Earth in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2


This included the creation of Adam (Genesis 1:26) and Eve (Genesis 2:18).  God commanded that they should not eat of the tree of good and evil (Genesis 2:16).  The Serpent tempted Eve (Genesis 3:1-3) and Eve broke God's commandment and ate (Genesis 3:6).  God sent Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden to toil and work the ground (Genesis 3:23). 


Cain and Abel were born and grew, Abel a keeper of sheep and Cain a worker of ground (Genesis 4:1-2).  They brought offerings to the Lord (Genesis 4:3-4).  The Lord preferred Abel's offering, then Cain became angry and killed his brother (Genesis 4:8). 


Man multiplied greatly as time passed.  The wickedness of man was great (Genesis 6:5) and the Lord became sorry he made them (Genesis 6:7, 11-12).  The Lord told Noah to build an Ark (Genesis 6:14-16), to take his wife and three sons and their wives, two of every sort of animal on Earth, and the food they needed (Genesis 6:18-22).  


The Great Flood (Genesis 7:12-22)

To be continued in the coming weeks....  come and join us to hear all about it!

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