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                                   June 2021 



  • Pastor Roy Thomas  434-979-5932

  • Church Office 540-832-3269

  • Janice Franklin, Sexton


  • Sunday Blended Worship Service

9:30 A.M.

  • Sunday School

10:30 A.M.  June 6, Sunday School Classes will resume: 2 Adult classes in the fellowship hall, Middle and High School Students on the 3rd floor, Children on the 3rd floor.  Contact J.R. Amick for more info.

Praise Team

The praise team continues to play for the worship service each week.




  • There will be no VBS this year. We are planning to have it next year and looking forward to it!

  • The youth will not be going to Impact this year due to various reasons. We are planning to do some local mission work this summer and future details to come. Please check the Calendar Page for more events.​

  • GOSHEN MISSIONS OFFERING                   MBC GOAL $750 Pray about how your offering will further the spread of the Gospel here and across the world. MBC joins  Churches, across our association, in supporting the Goshen Ministry.  50 % of the 2021 offering will support local mission projects through Rural Love . The other 50% will go to Mission      Projects in the Chiricana Association of Panama and The Ruth School projects ministering to the very poor Roma (Gypsy) children and their families in Romania.    Check out the Goshen Baptist Association’s website  If you know someone in need or have items to donate to Rural Love, call 540.894.8440

  • FACILITIES-Thank you, for keeping our grounds looking great this summer!

  • SUNDAY SCHOOL-June 6, Sunday School Classes will resume: 2 Adult classes in the fellowship hall, Middle and High School Students on the 3rd floor, Children on the 3rd floor.  Contact J.R. Amick for more info.

  • WORSHIP—We welcome your suggestions for favorite hymns to sing in our Sunday Worship.  Write down hymn titles, on the list in the church foyer.

SEARCH COMMITEE -Please pray for your Pastor Search Committee.  They are meeting often and will soon make a congregational survey available—your prayerful responses are appreciated!  Please return the Pastor Search Survey by June 15, to the box in the church vestibule, or complete the online survey—one survey per person.  Contact Bonnie or Barbara, with questions.  Additional paper surveys are available near the box, in the foyer.

Contact Pete Wills and Barbara Morris, co-chairs, with Search Committee inquires.

Search Committee Members--Pete Wills, Barbara Morris, Don Rose, Janice Franklin, Bonnie Collier, James Amick, Marylin Riggan.


The By-Laws state that the make up of the Search Committee shall be:

Deacon Co-Chairs-Pet Wills, Janice Franklin 

Sunday School director—J.R. Amick 

President of the WMU--(Mary Wills does not wish to serve as Pete is on the committee)--Marylin Riggan was appointed 

Chair of the Stewardship Committee--(Doris Lanham does not wish to serve)--Don Rose was appointed 

Two members at-large, selected by the Deacons--Barbara Morris, Bonnie Collier

Search Process:

Evaluate where the Church is.  What our strengths are and weaknesses. What our needs are.

Determine who might fit that evaluation.  We would get input from the Congregation, generally through a questionnaire or some other kind of feedback.

During that time and afterwards we will be receiving resumes.

We would then evaluate the resumes to match their needs to our needs.  We would initially narrow it down to 3-5-7 candidates.

Then we would interview references and do background checks, narrowing it down to one or possibly two.

At this point, we would pick one and begin the in person interviews and listening to sermons.

We will keep the congregation inform of progress but the detailed work of the committee must be strictly confidential to protect the committee and the candidates.

As for going forward:

The Deacons are responsible for calling the interim as per the by-laws.

We are very fortunate to be able to have Dr. Roy Thomas fill that position. (I would then tell a little about Dr. Thomas)  He will start June 3rd and possibly the Sunday before that.

Don Campbell the DOM of Goshen Association will supply the two or three Sundays in between.

In the meantime:

We must all rise to the occasion of dealing with an interim situation but also in working to help bring things back to normal.  The Deacons will take the lead in that by being more intentional in our DFM work.  Committees will need to meet and look at was to restart their activities.  The Worship Committee will meet soon and plan our worship time for the next six weeks and during that time they will meet with Dr. Thomas to plan the rest of the year.  I am looking forward to starting up my SS class in June and the SS Directors will work with other teachers in opening their classes as they feel lead to do so.  During this time, as always, people and committees need to let the office or the pastor or me know when they wish to use any part of the Church facilities so that we can put it on the calendar to avoid duplication of use.  The Deacons’ goal is that everyone might come together as we always have in such times to continue to be Mechanicsville Church.

If you have any questions or suggestion would you please bring them to me so that they may be properly address and in a timely manner?  As my memory is not what it used to be and probably never was it is requested that your questions or thoughts be written.


Thank you for your support,

Pete Wills, MBC Deacon Co-Chairperson

Send information for the MBC monthly newsletter, by the 15th of the month, to  Marylin Riggan,  Publications Coordinator.        email:     Phone: H 540-832-2813  C 540-223-1244

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