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Weekly Note from Pastor Allan

June 7, 2024



What a joy it was to celebrate Graduate Sunday last week in worship.  Thank you for blessing the high school, college, and graduate school graduates as they make this transition to what is next. 


Vacation Bible School is fast approaching.  There are many ways that you can be helpful.  There is always a need for leaders and teachers.  There are also opportunities to help with hospitality and check-in.  Vacation Bible School is a churchwide event, and it takes a church to pull it off!  We look forward to hosting a large group during the evenings of July. 15-19 at MBC.


On Sunday morning, June 9, in worship, we will continue our study of 1 Samuel.  This week, the scripture lesson is 1 Samuel 8:4-20.  It is the story of the Israelites asking for a king to lead them.  Samuel warns them that a king will not be helpful, but they push for a king anyway.  The key question for the Israelites as they request a king is, “What is the cost?”  It seems, when we want something that we think will help us, there is always a cost.  The title of the sermon is “A King’s Ransom”. 


Also, in worship on Sunday, we will be commissioning three students who will be participating in an Impact Mission Trip to Mecklenburg, VA.  The trip is Sunday, June 16 – Saturday, June 22.    I hope you will join us for worship, either in-person or online through Facebook or YouTube, to pray for them as they are sent on mission to serve.


Of course, Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of June and it will be the Quarterly Business Meeting.  We will gather at 11:45 AM in the old Fellowship Hall downstairs for the meeting.  Please remember that all are invited, and all members are welcome to vote on any motions at the meeting.





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